Baseball works hard to finish strong, has playoff potential

Most students at California Baptist University are able to go home May 1 for summer break to relax and not think about responsibilities for a while.

However, for the baseball team at CBU, their story is completely different. The team will still have hard work to accomplish for the rest of the month.

For the baseball players, the regular season does not end until May 10. They will still have regionals afterward, and championships take place the last week of May.

Gary Adcock, head coach of the baseball team at CBU, said the team’s goal for the rest of the season is to simplify each game and series into single pitches.

“Just trying to win the pitch in front of us and seeing where that takes us at the conclusion of the contest,” Adcock said. “Often times, looking at the big picture puts focus on too many (uncontrollable factors).”

Baseball season began in early February and since then, Adcock said, he has witnessed growth in the team’s playing style and mentality.

“We have seen growth in our ability to slow the game down, especially in high leverage situations,” Adcock said. “Early in the year, we were finding ways to lose the game rather than ways we could win.”

John Glenn, sophomore communication studies major and first baseman, added to his coach’s comments.

“Our team struggled early with finishing games and putting away teams when we had the lead,” Glenn said.

To improve and win more games, Adcock said there are aspects he still wants his players to work out before the season finishes.

“We need to continue to do the simple well (and) trust the process,” Adcock said. “Basically, react not think.”

Glenn said the past two series for the Lancers have been better than past series.

“We have started putting all the pieces together, so I’m excited about the upcoming games,” Glenn said.

Dylan Stowell, senior business administration major and pitcher, said he was proud of his team and excited for the remainder of the season .

“I am looking forward to seeing this team play our best, and all the hard work and preparation show as we push for playoffs,” Stowell said.

The team will play at home May 1 against Academy of Art University after they finish a series on the road against Azusa Pacific University.

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