Cinematography tackles theology

“Can we really trust the Bible?”

This is a question many  newcomers to Christ and skeptics ask. While the New Testament is a fundamental guideline for the Christian faith, some of the authorships of the books  are questioned. So, can we trust the reliability of the Bible?

Dr. Craig Evans, biblical studies professor at Houston Baptist University, addresses these questions in a documentary called “Fragments of Truth” that opens in theaters across the nation for one night.

His mission is to prove the reliability and integrity of the New Testament.

The documentary is a partnership between Fathom Events and Faithlife corporation, a company that specializes in providing churches with technological ways to expand their church, including mobile apps, books and Bible software.

“The New Testament, and specifically the Gospels, is the foundation for the Christian faith. They point us to Jesus, they tell us that he is the one who can forgive sins. But most of us don’t have a clue as to the physical history behind the Bible that we carry,” said Reuben Evans, director of the documentary. “This film will immerse you in that story. Strengthen your faith and equip you to answer the most challenging objections to the reliability of the gospel record.”

Dr. Jeff Cate, professor of New Testament at California Baptist University, sent out emails to all of his students, hoping to spread the word of the documentary.

Cate also serves on the International Greek New Testament committee, a committee of textual scholars from various countries that oversee editorial work and contribute their own expertise to projects.

“There is a lot of discussion about the reliability of the New Testament,” Cate said. “Some scholars believe that because we don’t have original copies of any of the books, we can’t know the original wording of the text and because we can’t know the original wording, we can’t be sure that what we have is correct.”

Cate said he hopes the film spurs on further discussion about biblical issues.

“I hope students come away with a deep appreciation for how our Bible is given to us,” Cate said. “Today we can pick up our phone and read it or download an app, but in most church history that’s not the way the Bible was known.”

Some students say they are excited for a documentary to support the Christian faith.

“It’s about time that we have a documentary in theaters that defend and talk about our religion,” said Anna Torres, junior Christian studies major.

Students can view the documentary at 7:30 p.m. April 24, at the AMC movie theater at Riverside’s Tyler Galleria.

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