Music brings memories to life for friends and family

California Baptist University’s Community Life Office hosted an open mic night on April 13 where students were able to share their talents.

Students performed everything from original songs to poetry, and snacks were provided for the audience. This was all coordinated by Kristin Holderman, director of Campus Activities.

“It is a such a great night for the students because not only do the students get to share their gifts, but they are even being encouraged and supported by  other  students,” Holderman said.

There was one moment in particular from the night that stood out from the rest to the crowd in personal meaning for both the performer and student body.

Daylon Martin, junior graphic design major, was one of the performers but rather than cover a song, Martin chose to present an original piece which he wrote with special meaning.

The song, “Isaac’s Lullaby,” was played in dedication to his friend and former CBU student Isaac Yeier, who died in a rock-climbing accident in December.

“He was an amazing friend and I was able to be with him in his last moments. For me, this song was me explaining how I feel and where I am at,” Martin said. “I’m a believer in Christ, and while it’s hard at times, I know I’ll be with him again.”

For Martin and the other family and friends of Yeier, Open Mic Night was more than just a platform for hearing music or doing covers of songs.

Through Open Mic Night, Martin was able to be encouraged by his community and express his own sentiments alongside close, supportive friends.

After Martin’s song was over he said he was inundated by hugs, words of encouragement and applause.

Martin said the song was a way for him to say “goodbye” to his friend and dedicate a special time to the memory of Yeier and everything he meant to Martin, as well as the rest of his family and friends.

Closing out the night, Daniel Gottlob, senior Christian behavioral science major, performed a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “How Would You Feel” with Sarah Hom, junior psychology major.

Gottlob said he enjoyed performing for his friends at CBU and having a friend onstage with him for the performance.

“It’s always a good feeling playing music in front of people,” Gottlob said. “But it’s even more fun when you’re singing with a good friend.”

Gottlob said he had a wonderful time and this Open Mic Night proved to be one of the highlights of his semester and senior year at CBU.

Holderman said Open Mic Night brought in more than 200
students and faculty, and is a tradition that will continue for years to come.

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