Engineering Building Open for new school year

Opening this fall, the Denis and Carol Troesh Engineering Building 100,000 square ft building located between the Cottages living area and he Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music, will host more than 750 students in 35 different classrooms and labs.

The building has 50 offices, three staircases, two elevators and cost more than $50 million. It also claims a high environmentally friendly status because of various features such as 273 photo-voltaic panels, low-flow faucets and low gallon-per-flush toilets. More than 95 percent of waste materials from construction of the building was recycled, including elements such as cardboard, metal, brick, concrete, plastic, gypsum wall board, carpet and insulation.

This new addition to the California Baptist University campus came alongside other building projects, including additions to the Recreation Center and breaking ground for a parking structure adjacent to Lancer Plaza.

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