Netflix shows released this fall

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With the new school year starting, it is time for college students to get back to their roots.

Netflix binge-watching is an important part of college culture. While it is an entertaining pastime, a recurring problem is running out of shows to watch.

Do not worry: Netflix was prepared for that and is releas- ing multiple new seasons of var- ious shows this fall.

“Orange is the New Black”: Season 6 released July 2018:

“OITNB” stands out because of its unapologetic and uncensored statements and displays of injustice within the U.S. prison system.

The series follows the lives of women and who are not just inmates but people with rela- tionships, passions and fears.

Despite their ever-present flaws, the characters are lovable and endearing. The show talks about the issues that female in- mates deal with and how being incarcerated affects their lives. RATE: 9/10

“ATYPICAL”: Season 2 re- leased September 2018:

“ATYPICAL” deals with a number of topics including family drama, autism aware- ness and high school relationships. The story is told through the perspective of Sam, a high school student on the autism spectrum. Despite everyone else’s ideas about him, Sam does not allow others perception of him to dictate how he lives his life.

The show focuses on Sam gaining his independence through dating and romance. RATE: 10/10

“Cable Girls”: Season 3 re- leased September 2018:

“Cable Girls” takes place during the ‘Roaring ‘20s’ era and centers on the continuous drama that follows the lives of four women who all work together as cable girls. The series has a tendency to go a bit dark with all of its twists. From over- coming domestic abuse and finding independence to dealing with classism and sexism, Cable Girls keeps its viewers on their toes.

The show plays out the char- acters’ lives but also demon- strates the loyalty and support they have for one another. RATE: 8/10

These are just a few fall releases but there is a variety of shows in which to get lost. The streaming service offers many classic binge-worthy shows. “The Office,” “Breaking Bad” and “New Girl” are all worth binging.

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