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Gorillaz released their sixth studio album “The Now Now” June. 29.

The virtual band Gorillaz is most recognizable for their hit single “Feel Good Inc.” from their third album, “Demon Days,” released in 2005.

“Humility,” the album’s single, featured George Benson and was dropped a month before the entire album was released.

Lyrically and melodically it is seemingly simplistic, yet no two songs on the album are the same. As a whole, it creates an upbeat yet mellow mood. From the track “Hollywood” ft. Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle to “Magic City” the flow is relaxed and each song swims smoothly to the next while still keeping listeners attentive.

“The Now Now” offers ever-changing melodies and multiple backbeats. The track “Sorcererz” starts with a soft, eccentric beat and is layered with different sounds and vocal parts as it continues.

The first verse comes in with a tone that almost sounds like a whisper, and it seems one could get lost in the background sounds. However, the vocals follow the ups and downs of the track enough to keep it interesting.

While “The Now Now” is more mellow than the previous “Humanz,” which had 26 tracks including verbal interludes and 26 features in total, this new album offers variety and demonstrates the diversity the band has to offer with only 11 songs.

The album is perfect for long drives through the desert or long commutes to work and school. It is uplifting, yet calming at the same time and the mood is unchanging throughout.

Gorillaz have been increasingly popular since 1998, when the virtual band was created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. The pair are the actual vocalists and instrumentalists of the band and as many avid fans know Gorillaz has four fictional animated band members with extensive backstories.

First, there is Murdoc Niccals, the bassist who founded the band. Niccals brought all the members together starting with Stuart Pot known as “2-D,” who is on vocals and keys, then added Noodles the guitarist, and lastly Russell Hobbs the drummer.

However, the four long-loved members of the band have had a change. Now, Albarn and Hewlett have replaced Niccals with a character from Cartoon Network’s, “The Powerpuff Girls” who goes by Ace D. Copular. Based off various “interviews” we see Niccals has somehow ended up incarcerated and Ace makes his first appearance in the “Humility” music video.

Fans wait with anticipation to see how the new character addition will affect the virtual band and its story line.

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