Classic slasher film returns

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After 40 years and a seven-film franchise, the cult-classic “Halloween” (2018) released its newest installment Oct 19. and directed by David Gordon Green.

In 1978, director John Carpenter terrified the world with what many people claim as the first slasher film.

Long-time fans will see Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode, the protagonist in the original film.

The premise of the plot highlights the second escape of serial killer Michael Myers and follows Strode, who years after the trauma of almost being murdered, awaits his attack.

In the original film, Strode is one of the lone survivors. Now Green brings her back as a much stronger character who is out for revenge and ready to fight off Myers.

Throughout the years in Hollywood, women as the “damsel in distress” has been a common trope, but the trend is changing, and movies with strong female leads are becoming more frequent.

Frank Mihelich, associate professor of theater, said Cur- tis’ more empowered role reflects a culture changing for the better.

“Jamie Lee Curtis started a long tradition in horror films that went through the 80s of having an attractive woman scantily dressed in the film to bring in male viewers. That is why Curtis was originally cast in that movie,” Mihelich said. “Now audiences want to see smart, strong women and less about the gratuitous. It’s less interesting than it used to be. Women won’t put up with it anymore.”

“Hollywood is always going to do what makes money. That was the mindset back then,”

Brooke Fenex, sophomore history and psychology double major, said she is optimistic about the changing trend of women’s roles in Hollywood.

“It’s really fascinating that it’s going in this direction,” Fenex said. “Typically, you would think when Laurie Strode finds about Myer’s escape, she’d be panicking and living in fear when in reality she was praying for it to happen and she wanted to get her revenge.”

Fenex said she is interested in how Strode will be portrayed.

“She’s not running. She’s ready. It’s really refreshing and on trend with feminist values and the belief system that women can be that type of person and not what people expect,” Fenex said. “I am all for letting Jamie Lee Curtis get her revenge.”

Many fans of the classic said they are excited to see the next installment bring all of their favorite elements to life in this 21st century film.

Austen Heldoorn, sophomore film studies major and self-proclaimed horror movie enthusiast, said he likes the classic version and the character Michael Myers.

“I’m a huge fan of the slasher films but there’s something about Michael Myers that just stands the test of time,” Heldoorn said.

“He is an iconic character with no motive and that could possibly be the scariest thing about any antagonist-he evokes a genuine fear.”

The Numbers’ box o ce statistics claim the original film brought in $70 million worldwide in 1978, making it one of the most profitable films of the century.

While the 1978 version produced the movie with a $325,000 budget, the 2018 film’s budget was $10 million. With an 85 percent positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes, fans and critics already seem impressed with the film.

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