Fortuna rolls into Family Weekend

For almost 30 years, intramural football has brought California Baptist University students together.

This year, Fortuna Bowl is celebrating its 27th year as a CBU tradition, acting as the grand finale of Parent and family Weekend Nov. 9-11.

The first ever Fortuna Bowl was instituted in 1991, with only four teams competing in the season leading up to the event.

This year, more than 20 teams have competed to earn the glory of competing Nov. 10 in Fortuna Bowl.

Elijah Hickman | Jordi Vigna a junior majoring a sports Analytics is using her speed as the quarterback to run up the middle for a touchdown.

Not only are the number of teams growing but the event itself is also growing.

Jared Prins, assistant director of Recreation Programs, said the increasing popularity has turned the tradition into an even bigger success.

“Fortuna brings alumni and current students together,” Prins said. “Over the last decade, the event has grown significantly and created more buzz throughout our intramural football league during the fall semester.”

The men’s teams, Fruit of the Boom and J.A.C.K., or “Just a Couple Kids,” competed for the desired Fortuna trophy.

Elijah Hickman| Patrick Wells a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering uses his speed as a receiver to help gain yards for goon squad.

The Canadian Bowlers and Bus Drivers represented the women’s teams.

Olivia Cain, junior communication disorders major, said this was her second year player for the Canadian Bowlers in Fortuna.

“Last year we learned and laughed out to Fortuna Bowl. We lost in the championships but we’re super hopeful and optimistic about this season,” Cain said. “It’s neat getting to met new women from different teams and build friendships through football.”

The Canadian Bowlers went on to win this years championship with a score of 13-6.

Fruit of the Boom took home the Fortuna trophy for the mens competition with a score of 30-0.

Easton Dahlgren, junior finance major, and second-year J.A.C.K. player said intramurals take work and practice but are a fun experience.

“Getting the chemistry (of J.A.C.K.) under control took a little bit of work, but I’ve enjoyed getting to know a handful of guys that I would not have ever known if it weren’t for flag football,” Dahlgren said. “It’s a really unique atmosphere of competitiveness as well as respect.”

Anna Saviage, sophomore business administration major and Community Life intramural intern, said the spirit of intramurals and the experience of being a part of a team are the highlights of the season.

“The best part is getting the personal connection of watching all the teams work during the season to get to Fortuna Bowl, seeing my friends play in the championship, and getting to play myself,” Saviage said.

Prins said the intramural experience is full of relationship building and centered in community.

“I love the community that is built through intramurals, sometimes creating a brother or sisterhood that lasts after college,” Prins said.

Over the years, Community Life created different themes to encompass Fortuna Bowl.

This year the theme for Fortuna is “Who’s Next?” to ask the question of which team will win the coveted Fortuna Bowl trophy.

Community Life also highlighted all of the past winners in event promos and invited the next winning team to join the legacy.

Prins said there are many traditions that have been part of Fortuna over the years.

“Traditions of the event include a spaghetti dinner with the Fortuna teams the week before their game, as well as the firework show to end the night,” Prins said.

Months of planning have gone into preparing this CBU tradition.

Saviage said organizing began last spring semester and the hard work pays off for teams and fans.

“I love the energy and excitement Fortuna Bowl brings,” Saviage said. “Being able to experience the intramural flag football season and seeing all the teams work their way up to the championship is exciting to experience.”

This year, the Fortuna Bowl Block Party began at 3 p.m. on the Front Lawn and the competition will started at 5 p.m.

Multiple food trucks and three different performances with one performance including an audience-participation event filled the evening in addition to the game.

The usual Fortuna Bowl tradition of fireworks ended the night with a bang.

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