Gelato offers healthy dessert alternative

Madison Santana | Banner | Jake Strommen, general manager of Frost in Rancho Cucamonga serves two guests samples of the restaurant’s various gelato flavors.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for -— gelato?

Though gelato may not be the most conventional or popular frozen treat, it is a much healthier alternative to ice cream.

Local Inland Empire business Frost Gelato is marketing its product as just that — a tasty, colorful, health-conscious dessert.

The business has been open for approximately one year and is about to celebrate that one-year anniversary.

The business is owned by retired Major League Baseball player Trent Oeltjen. Oeltjen and his wife opened Frost after they returned from living in Italy and could not find local dining options that served authentic Italian gelato.

Gelato is essentially a healthier version of ice cream.

The recipe does not include any eggs or butter and is only made up of 1 percent cream. Since the ingredients are altogether better for health, gelato boasts only half the calories of ice cream.

Frost has all of its ingredients shipped in fresh from Italy and all of its products are made every day, in-house.

However, Oeltjen said Frost is a lot more than a simple healthy ice cream shop.

“We serve awesome gelato but, more importantly, it’s the experience people have when they come in. That’s our entire team,” Oeltjen said.

The store also sells sorbet and coffee cakes, and it also offers a catering service. Business peaks right after dinnertime and many different people can be seen bustling into the small store.

As a “Gelato whiz” — the title employees are given — Clarissa Casas said she loves working at Frost.

Like shop owner Trent Oeltjen, Casas spent a brief time living in Italy.

She said working at Frost makes her nostalgic for her time spent overseas and the food she ate there. “It’s kind of cool that (Frost) is a little part of Italy,” Casas said.

Lindsey Bruch, senior mechanical engineering major, said she enjoyed her overall experience at Frost.

“The atmosphere in Frost was wonderful. Everyone was friendly and I instantly felt welcomed by every member of the staff,” Bruch said.

“Everyone was so friendly. Aside from the staff, the food was extremely delicious. I got three scoops because I literally could not get enough.”

Frost Gelato is located in Rancho Cucamonga at the Victoria Gardens outdoor mall.

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