Glasses lessen blue light exposure

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Lenses filter blue light to help reduce strain on eyes

If staring at blue light emitting computer and phone screens makes a student’s eyes feel strained, then blue light-blocking glasses may be the solution.

These devices filter out a little over half of the blue light eyes would otherwise take in.

In addition to preventing eye strain, this can also help people get a better night’s sleep, as exposure to blue light inhibits the release of melatonin, the chemical that makes humans fall asleep.

Dr. Kristin Mauldin, director of sport and performance psychology, said blue light can affect one’s sleep.

“If you are staring at the light coming off of a screen, especially at night, you are preventing the melatonin from being released, at least in part, and this is going to deter your body from being able to relax, cool down and fall asleep,” Mauldin said.   

The main goal of blue light-filtered glasses is to help people get a better night’s rest despite using their phones right before they try to  fall asleep.

Another goal is reducing eye strain caused by staring at computer screens for too long. Computer screens discourage blinking, which leads to fewer tears being produced and therefore drier eyes.   

Customers from many Amazon reviews said the glasses helped their eyes feel less strained and they slept better after wearing the glasses daily.

There are also concerns that too much blue light exposure may cause eye damage.

Andrea Laliena, senior sport psychology major, said she wonders if her younger siblings’ eye problems are caused by early exposure to screens.

“Both my brother and sister are starting to have trouble with their vision right now.  None of my family has had problems with their vision and my siblings’ problems are with seeing things far away, which has a lot to do with looking at digital screens up close,” Laliena said.

Despite suspicions, studies are currently inconclusive or contradictory on the potential damage blue light can cause to eyes.

Brittany Burgos, senior psychology and sociology double major, said she is familiar with the lack of consensus on the topic despite researching it.

“I did hear about how staring at a screen for a long time can harm your eyesight, but I have also read some pieces that said it was a myth,” Burgos said.

Whether it causes permanent damage or not, blue light can cause strain to the eyes and disrupt a person’s sleep habits. Perhaps blue light-blocking glasses can be beneficial to those who uses electronics.                                         

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