Ditch your unnatural cosmetics

When walking down the hygiene aisles of a store, colorful products with catchy names may entice you to make a purchase.

While “Tropical Ocean Breeze” body wash may sound like a nice, refreshing time in the shower, in reality, hygiene products often contain toxic chemicals.

Just because a product is sold in stores does not mean it is necessarily safe or the ingredients have been tested.

According to the FDA, unless there is a color additive in a product the law does not require the ingredients to be approved by the FDA before ending up on shelves.

Although some products rich in chemicals have yet to be declared harmful by the FDA, there is still no reason to use them.

Think of beauty products as you would think of food: If there is an extensive list of ingredients on the packaging, it is not natural and probably not healthy.

Even though you are (hopefully) not eating your cosmetics, skin is your largest organ. Any body wash, shampoo, lotion or soap you use will be absorbed by your skin, enter the bloodstream, and then affect the rest of the body.

By switching from beauty products filled with artificial ingredients to organic products containing plant-based and other naturally occurring ingredients, our bodies will be healthier.

Stephanie Brown, national educator for Professional Organic Skincare Brands, said there is a price to pay for unnatural products claiming to vanish wrinkles or fade sunspots.

In an article written on her blog, Brown said, “Often times, this exposure rears its ugly head as skin irritation, chronic headaches, cancers, breathing disabilities, hormone disruption, etc.”

Non-organic products tend to backfire in the long run. Brown said the same products claiming youthfulness may cause premature aging because of the toxins in it.

For example, parabens are one of the most dangerous  ingredients commonly found in non-organic products. They are meant to act as a preservative, but studies show parabens have the ability to act as an estrogen and can increase the risk of  breast cancer.

Also, organic products contain natural vitamins our bodies need.

Take the time to toss out unnatural cosmetics in your home. Research what organic products are best for you and your lifestyle. Do not put a cost on your health and to the steps to be healthier.  Your body will thank you.

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