Zumba provides dance and fitness

Sage Zbinden | Banner | Dennis Shostak, sophomore exercise science major, starts the Zumba class off with some side to side lounges.

Zumba is a high-energy dance class that teaches people how to dance to different rhythms. Currently, 14 million people take Zumba classes weekly. There are different styles in which one would perform the dance, such as hip-hop or Bollywood.

California Baptist University’s Recreation Center offers many exercise classes – one of which is Zumba. It can be difficult for some people to take the initiative to exercise but Zumba can be a fun way to burn some calories.

Nairobi Burks, junior political science major, said she enjoys exercise and Zumba in particular because it keeps her healthy.

“I love Zumba. This class is beneficial because it pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and dance,” Burks said. “The choreography was created to make you dance without you realizing that you are exercising.”

Out of all the classes offered, Stefani Plummer, director of the Recreation Center, said Zumba seems to rise above as one of the most popular classes at the Recreation Center.

“It is definitely one of our top attended classes,” Plummer said. “It is popular because it is a unique style of fitness. It’s becoming quite popular with both men and women.”

While only women are allowed at the CBU Zumba classes, it can be a fun and comfortable environment to let loose.

Josiah Franklin,  junior Christian studies and business administration double major, has taken a Zumba class off-campus.

“One Friday morning, my roommate told me that he was going to a Zumba class and he invited me to join,” Franklin said. “I really didn’t think I would like it but it was actually a lot of fun. It didn’t even feel like working out. I’m definitely glad I went.”

Some students feel this workout is all fun and no work. The history of Zumba goes back to the ‘90s in Colombia when Alberto Perez created a new fitness program. Perez was on his way to teach an aerobics class and realized he had forgotten his music. He improvised teaching his class with salsa as opposed to the traditional aerobics music. The rest is history.

“Zumba is such a creative concept,    which is why college students enjoy it so much,” said Sarah Clarisa Verduzco, junior kinesiology major.

In addition to the Recreation Center, Zumba is offered at many local gymnasiums and community recreation centers. Loved by many, Zumba’s popularity will likely continue to grow. The class schedules are available at calbaptist.edu under Community Life for the monthly calender.

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