CBU makes transcripts easier to access

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Requesting transcripts is something most students or alumni will need to do during their time at California Baptist University or after they graduate. The Office of the University Registrar  made this easier.

Students and alumni can now request and pay for transcripts online.

Shawnn Koning,  university registrar said the process is an improvement from what it was previously.

“In partnership with Credentials Solutions, CBU now offers students and alumni the ability to request and pay for official transcripts through a secured internet site,” Koning said.

Transcripts can be delivered electronically from the university to the designated recipient within an hour, printed for pick up or mailed via the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx.

Previously, students or alumni would have to complete and sign a physical form, which was submitted to the University Registrar and placed into the request queue. This would typically take two to three days to process based on transcript request volume.

New students and alumni are able to check the status of their order anytime, including tracking where the transcript is in the mailing process.

Noah Shamburger, sophomore biomedical engineering major, said the new process is a technological advancement for CBU.

“With this new technology of getting the transcripts online, it makes it clearer that the university is pushing for technological advancement in everything they do,” Shamburger said. “It will benefit the students, but also the faculties.”

Koning said this new process will dramatically decrease time spent waiting for the transcripts as well and explained the Office of the University Registrar’s goal in this process.

“Our goal is to streamline the entire process so students and alumni transcripts reach their destinations more efficiently,” Koning said. “This gives them peace of mind by making their employment and education application and transfer processes easier.”

McKenna Sessions, sophomore public relations major, said she was pleased the process will be much simpler for students to access  transcripts.

“It made it really difficult to have to wait that long, so having this new technology is an awesome advance for the future things that we’re going to have to do,” Sessions said. “It’ll take way less time to do it. It is a blessing that we are able to have that resource now.”

Koning described how the speed of the process will accelerate the time students and alumni will wait.

“The new online ordering dramatically decreases processing time, while electronic sending capability makes delivery virtually instantaneous,” she said. 

If students have any questions, they are encouraged to contact the Office of the University Registrar at (951) 343-4566.

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