Students often switch majors, choose a different career path

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Switching majors has become a common trend among college students. according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Almost 80 percent of American students switch their major at least once during their years at a university for a variety of reasons.

Many students have started to weigh the pros and cons of switching their major, as well as the logistics associated with this decision.

One may wonder if switching his or her original major will set back college progression. Others struggle with sticking to a major they dislike because they want to stay on track for graduation.

Samantha Naple, academic adviser, said there are many students who come in wanting to switch their major, some without thinking through everything it may entail.

Naple said students should talk to an expert in their new field of interest, pray about their switch, and recognize the long-term impact this decision will have on their future before making a decision.

“Although there is no real deadline for switching a major, it is best if students decide on a major at the end of their freshman year,” Naple said.

If a student changes his or her major later in his or her academic career, it can delay one’s graduation date, especially when switching to a four-year major such as engineering or architecture.

However, Naple said many students switch his or her major because God is calling them down a different path. Naple said if God’s purpose leads a student to pursue a different major then that is of the utmost importance.

Caira Moniot, sophomore communication studies and Christian studies double major,  said she switched her major three times within two years before finally finding a degree  about which she was truly passionate.

“I love that I can use my career and talents to glorify God,” Moniot said. “It’s really important to me.”

Shannon Geraty, junior graphic design major, originally pursued a degree in journalism  & new media her freshman year but said her interest in the creativity of graphic design grew as she took more courses. She changed her major to graphic design her sophomore year and said she has not looked back since.

“Once I started taking graphic design classes, I could see that God was leading me toward that path,” Geraty said. “I do have to take more credits and two courses per summer but it’s worth it to me.”

Geraty said this decision was important to her because it resulted in her pursuing what she feels called to do.

Students can explore different degree options using the degree planning guides located under the academics tab on InsideCBU, and working with the Career Center and Academic Advising.

Switching majors is not a decision to be taken lightly. Though it may be scary to pursue a different route, switching one’s major can prove to be one of the most beneficial decisions a person will ever make.

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