Campus utilizes safety app

There have been 8,064 violent crime cases reported in the city since January 1, 2018, according to Riverside Police Department reports. As crime is at a record low in the nation, but the amounts of local victims from violent crimes are too high in comparison.

There were 23 reported criminal offenses on California Baptist University’s main campus, according to the 2017 Annual Report of Campus Security Policies and Crime Statistics.

In an attempt to lower crime rates, specifically on college campuses, apps such as LiveSafe have been created.

LiveSafe was designed to provide easy connection to the  Office of Safety
Services, whether that is through text communication, calls or allowing on-duty personnel access to a student’s location until that individual is safe in a dorm or car.

Daniel Beimford, junior theater major, said he is not concerned with his own safety on campus.

“Sometimes I feel uneasy at night but there hasn’t been a lockdown on campus since my freshman year and I felt pretty secure then too,” Beimford said.

“I do know a lot of people walk around in groups at night for safety reasons and I typically walk with my girlfriend to her apartment if we’re out late before I go home, just to be safe.”

Amy Wenger, freshman interior design major, said she is concerned for her safety because of her classes across campus and at the architecture building, located across Adams street, apart from main campus.

“Generally, I have to go by myself to the architecture building to work on projects and it can get a little sketchy at night. It can be a little nerve-racking going alone,” Wenger said.

CBU also has an agreement with the Riverside Police Department that authorizes CBU Safety Services to listen to encrypted dispatch communication, providing real-time notice of incidents near the campus that might threaten to compromise safety.

CBU’s Safety Services works hard around the clock to keep students safe and encourages students to be cautious, as well.

Leon Phillips, director of Safety Services, said his department aims to do its best in keeping the campus safe.

“Another challenge we face is the need to encourage understanding by our students to not let just anyone follow them in through gates and avenues into the campus,” Phillips said.

CBU’s endorsed app, LiveSafe, can connect off-campus and on-campus users alike with campus security to assure students are safe at all times.

“LiveSafe came highly recommended by a number of colleges and universities across the nation,” Phillips said. “The most notable was Arizona State, which I believe has the largest enrollment in the country, and has helped keep students safe in a number of cases.”

The LiveSafe app is free to download on all app stores.

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