Eco-friendly coffee bar options

Reagan Lee | Banner | Stacy Turner, Cherishann Diamzon, and Jason Watkins, freshman film majors at La Sierra Universtiy, enjoy their blended boba smoothies at Roasting Water Coffee Shop in Riverside, Calif. The coffee joint is a popular hangout spot for college students in the area.

Some boil it. Others steam it. But a new coffee shop and boba shop in Riverside is roasting it.

Roasting Water has taken a different path and is brewing a new kind of business model that steeps eco-friendly practices with a rich variety of teas, coffee, smoothies and dessert drinks.

The average price of drinks is $4 and $5.

Off the menu, the shop also offers food, such as gumbo and chicken wings.

The average cost of food is  $10.

Each Roasting Water location has a uniquely designed theme. Some locations display paintings of origami whales and dolphins or hot-air balloons. However, the Riverside location features pandas and  teddy bears in a painted bamboo forest that covers both the walls and merchandise of the business.

Aside from a normal cup of coffee or a latte, Roasting Water offers fruit-infused teas, super-fruit smoothies and lemonades. Add ons such as boba, chia seeds and lychee jelly are optional, too.

Kylie Chock, freshman pre-nursing major, said Roasting Water is “bobalicious.”

“The boba is good, and the tea is super- delicious,” Chock said. “Plus the menu has a huge variety of drinks and add-ons.”

Roasting Water differs from the average coffee and boba shop in the way they bottle their beverages.

Unlike the traditional plastic cup, lid and straw combination, they serve their drinks in reusable glass  and plastic bottles with cork tops to prevent spilling. Each glass bottle is designed according to the location theme.

After one theme has run its course, Roasting  Water goes back to the drawing board and designs all new bottles, cups and other merchandise.

Roasting Water uses glass and plastic bottles to promote a mindset of the reuse and recycling in their business and also in the local communities they serve.

Roasting Water also does not use any artificial ingredients, such as powders, syrups or coloring in their drinks.

Instead of using artificial ingredients  Roasting Water opts to use ingredients, and derived from fruits, such as strawberries, lemons.

Lauren Gressman, Riverside resident, said she enjoys that Roasting Water is a franchise business because of the restaurants’ consistency.

“It’s always spot-on. I never have any complaints or problems with this store,” Gressmann said.

Hiring students is also important to the Riverside location owner, Hung Do.  Of  his 23 employees, all are students.

“It’s fun to work with them and give them a part-time job,” Do said.

Roasting Water is located at 3907 Chicago Ave. in Riverside and is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays.

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