Student establishes nonprofit to assist foster children

Her elongated vibrato leads to a standing ovation as her electric personality emanates from the stage, piercing every soul at the echo of her voice. Whenever she holds the microphone, the crowd is struck with awe at the talent presented. Shakyiah Cargill, sophomore communication studies and finance double major, is the inspirational voice behind the microphone that captivates listeners with her soulful melodies at California Baptist University.

Cargill’s love for music started at a young age and carried her through a difficult childhood. Cargill was put into foster care, where she moved between group homes in her teenage years. At the age of 17, her fate changed when she was adopted into a loving home. In 2016, Cargill became affiliated with the Be a Voice foundation to help  children facing similar upbringing.

Be a Voice is an affiliation of Voices for Children and a nonprofit organization that funds essential needs for children in the foster care system in Miami. Cargill founded Be a Voice with the hope of changing children’s lives through her experiences, expressing how both of her passions work together to serve the community.

Read more in California Baptist Universities 2018-2019 yearbook, Angelos, coming to print April.


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