Students raise funds through blood drive for service projects

Kengkue Her| Banner | Matthew Alexander, senior biology pre-medicine major, donates plasma to help raise money for ISP volunteers. This is Matthews fourth time donating for during the annual California Baptist University blood drive.

As so many California Baptist University students have been accepted into International Service Projects, these worldwide service trips are in need of major funding.

The CBU Mobilization website features a quote from Billy Graham: “The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian ser- vice. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless people of the world.”

ISP trips are purposed to spread the gospel and serve others across the world. That being so, ISP trips are not a free vacation for students.

ISP trips range in cost from $2,900 to $3,500, and all team members are expected to raise all of the funds for their own trips. ISP trips also require interviews to enter into the program, as well as training for four months prior to depar- ture. For participants the cost and devotion these trips necessitate are worth it.

Dani Defoe, freshman communication scienc- es and disorders major, said ISP trips hold invalu- able worth in the significant impact they can have on people’s lives.

“To be sent out or help send someone into all di erent parts of the world and spread the love of Jesus is a priceless opportunity that will change someone’s life,” Defoe said. “When you support a person going on ISP, you are not just supporting that person but you are also supporting all the people with whom person is going to share the Good News.”

Tammy Petit, assistant to the director of Facilities and Planning Services and leader of an ISP Encounter team, said the work leading up to trips is nothing compared to the importance of service.

“After attending a Chapel service where a speaker spoke about everyone having a reason of why not to serve, I realized that at that time in my life — I didn’t,” Petit said. “So I felt the call to check out ISP, which led me to become a leader for a team going to Poland this sum- mer, and I am so excited about it. Everyone has a responsibility to serve, and maybe not all to go on these trips, but to support those who are going on trips.”

Raising the money for an ISP trip can be difficult for ISP members. Many ISP participants are still putting in the effort to gain people’s prayers and support for their trip. Some ISP participants are also team- ing up with companies such as Threads of Hope.

Threads of Hope is a non- profit organization that asks people in need of fundraising to fill out an application describing why they are fundraising. If approved, Threads of Hope ships quality bracelets, bookmarks, camera straps and much more for approved applicants to sell.

Threads of Hope requires half the profits and any unsold products to be sent back at the end of fundraising and uses their 50 percent to help those making the products living in poverty in the Philippines.

Kenzie White, sophomore photography major, said she de- cided to team up with Threads of Hope to raise money for her ISP trip by selling its products and using half of the profit for her trip.

“When I was in eighth grade, someone once told me, ‘If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill,’ and that’s the best advice I’ve got- ten. Also, that you get the best reaction and help from people you ask personally and those who you don’t think will give,” White said. “My fundraising has included social media posts, calls, support letters and Threads of Hope” White said.

ISP members will be fund- raising for the next four months using di erent methods in ad- dition to mission letters and phone calls.

CBU hosted its second blood drive of the year Jan. 22 and 23 in Innovators Auditorium from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., where every donator who mentioned an ISP participant’s name earned him or her $15 toward trip funds.

With more than 300 ISP members stationed all around the globe this summer, the sup- port needed to go on these trips can be challenging to obtain.

Through different CBU-sponsored events, partnerships with companies, selling handmade products, personal letters and phone calls, ISP participants are working hard and looking for any prayers and financial support they can get as their deadlines approach.

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