Essaybot helps students write their essays

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Artificial Intelligence has been helping people correct spellings of words on their phones for years, but now, it can write full essays. This new AI is called Essaybot.

When arriving at, one is prompted to give Essaybot a title or topic. Essaybot then takes this information and gathers articles, stories and essays in common with what was typed in the search bar from its database. The “writer” can then select an introductory paragraph, which Essaybot then paraphrases, allowing the writer to avoid claims of plagiarism or cheating.

Essaybot also ensures that documents will not be recognized by Turnitin. To create the rest of the document, the process is similar. The machine takes one paragraph at a time, paraphrases it and fits it into the document until it is finished.

If one has trouble starting or finishing sentences, Essaybot suggests a variety of ways to craft sentences that eventually become paragraphs and whole documents.

Once the AI finishes scanning the article, it checks the document for grammar and spelling mistakes and generates a bibliography or citation page from its vast database of sources. 

Erin Orr, senior anthropology major, said with mounds of papers to write and little time, she would use Essaybot.

“If it could help me create an outline, I would use it,” Orr said. 

Jennifer Tronti, assistant professor of English and director of the English program, expressed concerns about how Essaybot and similar technologies will affect students’ performance in and out of school.

“It robs the students of learning the skill (of writing) themselves, which is the whole point of why we’re here (at CBU),” Tronti said. “We’re relying too much on  technology to write for us and the individual is not going through the motions and learning, real logical critical thinking.”

Dr. Cynthia Boes, professor of communication studies, said writing services similar to Essaybot have existed before, but in the form of people being paid to write for others. She expressed feelings of concern for students who would use Essaybot to help them obtain a degree or get good grades.

“The reason why employers want people who have a college education is because they want people who are able to think and who have worked through ideas,” Boes said. “If you’re not learning to do that, then you’re not prepared for the real world.”

Students may use Essaybot to write and help them fill in their essays, but as these professors  say it would be better for them to write without Essaybot to maximize their learning.

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