Lifestyle Tries: Graduation caps

Kelsie Stevens | Banner Maria Games, senior public relations major, asembles and decorates her graduation cap to represent her college career journey and personal passions.

As seniors prepare for commencement, adding unique and innovative decorations to their graduation cap can be a fun way to express one’s academic journey.

With the right guidance, creative thinking and a realistic college budget, students can accomplish this project for $20 to $80 with a large group of friends in the comfort of their own homes. Any local craft stores, such as Michaels, JOANN and Hobby Lobby, will have all the necessary supplies.

To begin this project, one needs materials such as scissors, tape, a pencil or marker, super glue or hot glue gun, a ruler, any colored cardstock, stickers, glitter, adhesive gems and fabric paint or spray. 

Constructing the base of the cap is the first step in creating a lavish or bold graduation cap. Just follow these few  steps:

• Step One: Place the cap on a flat, clean surface on top of colored cardstock. Trace the cardstock and cut along the line of the entire cap that has been traced.

• Step Two: Turn the cap around so the cardstock is facing up. Place the cardstock on top of the cap. Use the pencil to draw a dot where the top centered bump is and use the ruler to draw a straight line to one end of the cap.

• Step Three: Remove the cardstock from the cap and draw a medium size circle where the dot is. Cut along the straight line. Carefully cut out the circle and slide the cardstock onto the cap. If cut correctly, the cardstock should fit the cap perfectly.

• Step Four: Add crazy glue or hot glue on the entire top surface of the cap, place the cardstock on top of the glue, press down gently and hold for 30 seconds to a minute. (Hold down long enough so the cardstock glues properly to the fabric).

• Step Five: Examine your cap and make sure none of the fabric is showing. 

• Step Six: Use all other materials, such as glitter, stickers, adhesive gems and fabric paint or spray, to decorate the cap. Remember to show off your personality, originality and pride in all your accomplishments. This graduation cap should represent your journey and time spent through your college career.

• Step Seven: Once you have finished decking out your graduation cap, place the cap on a flat, clean surface. Allow the decorations to dry for at least 24 hours before trying on the cap. 

• Final Step: Try on your graduation cap and make sure all materials and decorations are in place and properly glued or taped on.

Now you are ready to hit that stage and graduate. Hold on to that cap and do not forget to walk with confidence and style.

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