Advice to Freshmen

So you have made it to California Baptist University. To the incoming freshmen, transfers and all those new to CBU, here is a quick list of tips to help make the transition into Lancer Life a little smoother.

1. Shortened titles

We shorten everything. The Alumni Dining Commons? No. That takes too long to say for us hungry college students. Everyone calls it “the Caf” or the ADC. Here are some other things that are often shortened on campus to help prevent confusion.

Chick = Chick-Fil-A 
Old entrance = Way to get onto campus off Magnolia Avenue, near the Kugel 
Mag = Magnolia Avenue
’Scoes = Briscoes Cafe
Monte = El Monte Grill
The Post = The Mailroom
U.P. = University Place
The Rec = The Recreation Center

2. Do not go home every weekend

Yes, it is tough being in college and away from home. We’ve all been there. To feel connected on campus, though, you need to actually be on campus. Not going home at every opportunity you get will help you bond with your roommates or people on your hall.

3. Wash your clothes every week

Actually, wash your stuff in the washer and dryer. Febreze will not clean them; it will just mask the smell for about two hours.

4. Don’t skip Chapel early in the semester

It is so easy to just tell yourself that you will go to the next one and then drift back to sleep. This is a trap — do not fall for it. Chapel season runs close to finals, which is already stressful on its own, so it is best to not leave it till the end of the semester and worry about meeting Chapel requirements or watching the make-up Chapel.

5. College is more than just getting an education

Yes, attending classes is the main reason you are here on campus (hopefully). College is also about falling flat on your face, but landing in a safe space in which you can pick yourself up and start again. Take those risks on that class project. Take classes that challenge and excite you, even if they are not in your major, and hang out with friends super-late at night and make those memories with them.

College is all about learning more about yourself and how you interact with the world around you. Remember: You will never remember that time you stayed in your room by yourself and watched Netflix until 2 a.m.

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