New Dining Options Expected in Lancer Plaza

Hayden Schuljak | Banner | Construction is underway for Couch's Corner, CBU's newest dining location; scheduled to open mid fall 2019 semester.

The start of a new fall semester at California Baptist University brings many changes, including a brand new main entrance to campus and parking garage on Adams Street. 

All of the new and planned construction  raises the question of whether students will be able to see the changes on campus extend to dining options.

Dr. Mark Wyatt, vice president for Marketing and Communication, described the new dining services set to open in Lancer Plaza later this fall semester.

“It will feature an outdoor dining area and menu options including Shake Smart products, as well as comfort food selections from Delect-a-Bowls — the newest campus dining option from Provider,” Wyatt said.

For many years, CBU has prided itself on the wide variety of food provided through on-campus dining as well as the high-quality chain restaurants students can choose from on campus.

Shake Smart is a company that features smoothies, shakes and bowls, providing both healthy and dessert options. These products will now be available to the CBU student body after high demand for a smoothie dining option.

For years, CBU has taken into account the changes in the student body to offer the best accommodations.

“CBU continually evaluates the needs of the university community in order to provide appropriate dining options and other services as warranted by changing campus conditions,” Wyatt said. “Dining options and other services at CBU are provided to benefit the campus community.”

Jenna Washburn, junior film production major, highlighted how these many changes with campus construction and dining options can impact the student body.

“I am definitely looking forward to new places to eat on campus because it means more variety in types of food offered and an opportunity to not eat at the same places everyday,” Washburn said. 

However, Washburn also expressed some concerns regarding the rapid changes that have been happening to the university’s campus recently.

“These changes can be a bit overwhelming and may be even confusing to junior and senior students,” Washburn said. “However, with the growing population of our student body, these new dining locations will help cut down on the lines and crowded spaces.”

Other students, such as  Elizabeth Pryor, junior psychology major, are looking forward to the new dining options creating a wider selection of food on campus.

“When you live on campus, it’s common to get tired of the places to eat. It will be really nice to have these new additions,” Pryor said.

This new variety of food options will be available in October 2019 in the newly renovated Lancer Plaza.

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