New Nintendo Switch Lite provides mobile gaming option

Kengkue Her | Banner | Caleb Lee, junior business marketing major and real estate minor, focus on his game of Super Smash Brothers on his 2017 Nintendo Switch.

After much anticipation, Nintendo finally released the plans for the newest addition to its brand of well-known gaming systems: the Nintendo Switch Lite.

This new form of a handheld Nintendo Switch is designed to give users an extremely portable option for the games they know and love. 

According to Nintendo’s website, “The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed specifically for handheld play- — so you can jump into your favorite games wherever you happen to be.”

Dr. Mikyung Han, assistant professor of computing, software and data designs at California Baptist University, described what it is that makes new gaming systems popular among users.

“In general, devices are getting cheaper and lighter, becoming more mobile and accessible with greater power in computing and resources. That makes it accessible to users with a cheaper cost. Any company that can have a device like that available would be very successful,” Han said.

Han also mentioned factors outside of game programming and design that can have a major impact, including a strong marketing strategy and features that appeal to the masses.

“Gaming is all about user experience,” Han said. “To be a successful game-producer lots of things come into play.” 

“Marketing, experience and having a good business model can sometimes be more important than technology,” Han said.

The ability to market to a target audience may be one attribute that draws users specifically to the Nintendo Switch Lite, as it reminds many of portable gaming systems popular in the early 2000s. 

Jacob Dimsey, junior graphic design major, currently has a Nintendo Switch but said he would be interested in buying a Switch Lite primarily for this reason.

“I would buy it because it’s cheaper than the regular Nintendo Switch, which is nice, and it reminds me of when I had a Game Boy or a Nintendo DS — carrying it around and being able to play it whenever is  nostalgic,” Dimsey said.

However, this selling point and other factors are not enough to draw everyone to this new product. Those who have the original Switch may not see the need for a different kind.

Seth Kerchner, freshman business administration major, emphasized Nintendo’s strong history in video game consoles and said there are many factors of the Switch Lite that appeal to potential users.

“Nintendo has always been known for its consoles and handheld markets. They used to be separate until the Switch,” Kerchner said. “This console is far more durable this time around because it is just one connected thing, as opposed to the easily breakable Switch.” 

Though the device was announced nearly a month ago, the Switch Lite is not set to release until Sept. 20. Only time will tell if this new model of the Switch is going to make enough of an impact on the gaming market to reach long-term success among users.

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