CBU to celebrate annual Yule festival at Medieval Times

Courtesy of California Baptist University Community Life

As the holiday season arrives, California Baptist University has already begun celebrating with traditions on campus. CBU’s Yule event is one of the most anticipated events hosted that kicks off the winter season.

This tradition dates back to 1955 and still stands strong to this day. Yule is another word for Christmas, which is why CBU throws this event close to Christmas break.

This year, Yule will take place Nov. 15 at Medieval Times in downtown Buena Park. There will be live entertainment, a meal and interaction with performers. The attire for Yule this year is semi-formal, meaning attendees can go all out or opt for a more casual look.

Evan Chan, freshman undeclared major, said he is excited to attend Yule because it will be his first one and he does not know what to expect.

This year CBU decided to hold Yule at Medieval Times so it could be more affordable and allow more students to attend.The cost will be $25 per ticket instead of $50.

David Suderman, junior biomedical engineering major, said he has never been to Yule, but the Medieval Times location has made him want to give it a try.

“Other years, Yule seemed too formal for me. They always have a fancy dinner, but this year we will be having it at Medieval Times, which is more fun and makes it more interesting,” Suderman said.

While Community Life will always face challenges in finding a balance of creating events that appeal to everyone, this new location is an opportunity that they said they hope will get more students involved by dressing up at a fun location and spending time together as a Lancer family.

Kristin Holderman, director of Campus Activity, said Yule is a traditional event where students dress up for dinner and entertainment during the holiday season.

“This Yule is different for a few reasons. We’re so excited because we’ve been able to rent out the entire venue of Medieval Times. which increases our total capacity, and we’re offering it to the students at a cheaper ticket price than in years past while still keeping the traditional elements of Yule intact,” Holderman said.

Yule is a long-standing tradition at CBU that has experienced changes and growth along with the growth of the university. 

“It has grown from an on-campus dinner with all students, staff and faculty to a semi-formal event off-campus with a nice meal and entertainment open to students. We want students to feel comfortable in what they wear, but it is still an opportunity to dress up,” Holderman said.

Kevin Aleksak, sophomore business administration major, said he is thrilled to attend Yule this year.

“I went last year and it was a fun experience because you got to hang out with friends and enjoy good food,” Aleksak said. “I plan to go this year; I would just like a fun, relaxed night out with friends.”

Aleksak said he enjoys the social aspect of Yule and being able to change his wardrobe for the night.

“My favorite part of Yule is dressing up and seeing everyone else all dressed up. (This year) there will be more time to talk with people rather than sit and listen to a comedian the whole time,” Aleksak said.

Yule is an event all students should consider attending at least once. It is an opportunity for students to dress formally and make long-lasting memories of their college years.

Tickets for Yule are currently being sold for $25 in the Community Life Lounge and the event will be held Nov. 15. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and dinner and the tournament begins at 8:15 p.m.

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