Students create printed clothing

Kia Harlan | Banner | Todd Liddell, junior class of 2022, and Trevor Manning, senior class of 2021, Mechanical Engineer major, model Manning's clothing brand that is dedicated to sustainable, thrifted, and affordable fashion.

Trevor Manning, senior mechanical engineering major, and band member for local band The Guest Room is now designing and releasing custom printed clothing locally with his friend Sam Soine, senior architecture major, under the name Defects Clothing.

Manning took design courses when he was in high school, and one of the courses included screen printing. “This was sophomore year of high school,” Manning said. “Sense then I’ve been planning on buying a screen printer and kit for myself.”

Manning he has has always enjoyed design and has had the opportunity to use his skills in graphic design sinse high school despite not taking any courses in college. He said he has been able to do this though people asking him to make logos for them and through his band, The Guest Room. Manning designed The Guest Room’s logos and made posters, stickers and T-shirt designs for them. 

However, these shirts were created  through another company and Manning did not like the style as much as screen printing. This is when he decided to get a screen printer and design his own clothes for himself. People started reaching out and started asking him to print his designs on their clothes. 

Currently, Manning and Soine are doing prints on thrifted clothes and clothes that people give to them by personal request. They currently do the whole process personally through their Instagram @defectsclothing.

Manning explained the meaning and inspiration behind the brand. 

“Defects Clothing comes from the idea of making clothes that look better with age or with rips, stains, imperfections, etc,” Manning said. “All the designs have meanings that fall under the category of ‘defective’ or what people would consider imperfect. I wanted to show that there is something really cool about imperfections, asymmetry, blemishes, etc. It works out because I enjoy printing on things that are already worn because I think it looks better personally, and it ends up being cheaper for both me and the customer.”

Manning said he enjoys being able to print designs on the clothes himself because it gives him the freedom for things like placement and the ability to make it unique as well as to talk to the customer about these details. In the future, they said they hope to do limited releases of a specific product and design, whether it be T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags or anything Manning and Soine think fits the style of that specific design. 

Kye Labit, junior entrepreneurship major, said starting a clothing brand comes from different inspirations.

“Designing clothes has been a dream of mine since high school and it’s crazy that I am able to do it now and see people interested in what I do,” Labit said. “I draw a lot of inspiration from streetwear and vintage as well as people like Sean Wotherspoon and Paul Cantu. I hope to keep pushing out items and keep pursuing my dream.”

Labit’s brand is called Konceited Clothing and you and find his products through Instagram @konceitedclothing. 

Matt McIntosh, junior graphic design major, explained his own brand Castle as well as his opinion on Manning’s brand. 

“Designing clothes is a fun way I can support and express myself,” McIntosh said. “Trevor is a cool guy and I know he’s always had an interest in design. I think his clothing brand is really cool and I love the designs he has made so far. I really respect what he’s doing because I know how long it takes to learn screen printing and he’s doing it super well.” You can find Castle clothing at

Defects Clothing is working on a few custom designs that fit a similar theme from which customer can pick. These designs can be viewed on their Instagram, where you can also contact them directly for custom prints. They are currently printing over the weekend, so orders placed before the weekend can be fulfiled by  Monday. 

Manning said he is optimistic and excited about where this passion for custom clothing can go. The brand has already received support from followers and friends, with some desperate to buy their product and more who are excited to see it develop. 

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