Los Angeles to host Super Bowl

While the heat surrounding Super Bowl LV was still burning, it was announced that Super Bowl LVI will be held in Los Angeles.

L.A. was supposed to host the 2021 Super Bowl LV, but construction delays in Inglewood caused the need to relocate the event.

“The NFL coming back to L.A. wasn’t just about a team or two playing some home games,” Casey Wasserman, chairman of the host committee, said to the Los Angeles Times. “It’s about all the other things that could bring to the city, the community, and the region. Maybe there’s never been a better time to talk about hope, optimism and recovery, having the Los Angeles Super Bowl come on the heels, hopefully, of the coronavirus pandemic.”

In the 2021 matchup, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady, defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 on Feb. 7.

The meeting of up-and-coming quarterback Patrick Mahomes and veteran Brady was the main attraction of this match, where Brady and Buccaneers ended up taking home a big win.

“The Buccaneers’ defense was really the key in their win,” said Hunter May, freshman undeclared major and National Football Leaugue fan. “The Chief’s penalties on defense helped the Bucs get a really good lead in the first half.”

May said that once Brady is able to get a lead and the momentum in a Super Bowl game then it is over for the other team.

Fans discussed the Buccaneer’s major win, with some even blaming the referees. However, May said the Chiefs were not playing their best.

“Patrick Mahomes did everything he could but if your wide receivers don’t do their job and catch passes in crunch time,” May said. “This was the first time I’ve seen the chiefs play so poorly and get stood up in the past three years.”

The last time L.A. hosted the event was the Rose Bowl in 1993. To California native, May, L.A. hosting the Super Bowl does not mean much to him unless the Seahawks make it to the championship.

Super Bowl LVI will be held in SoFi Stadium at Inglewood, Calif., in February 2022.

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