Disney announces Legacy Passes

Kelsie Stevens | Banner | A ferris wheel at Disneyland spins against a blue sky.

The Disneyland Resort announced it would be offering a new membership program to honor current members’ loyalty.

The Resort announced on Jan. 27 it would be rebranding its current membership program, retitling all current annual passholder members as Legacy Pass holders, offering new perks and events.

The California theme park announced earlier in January that it would be “sunsetting” the traditional annual passports in hopes of creating new membership offerings once its future of opening was more exact.

While the park’s future is unknown, the resort wanted to treat its loyal fans to exciting new offerings and events in the coming month.

The Disneyland Resort president, Ken Potrock, said in a statement: “It’s incredibly important that we recognize this group as our biggest fans, our most important fans, and a group that we want to make sure we are putting our arms around and really showing them love.”

An exciting offering and event were announced for the coming months at The Downtown Disney District to kick off their redesigned program: a special 30% off at select merchandising stores in the Downtown Disney District and newly expanded Buena Vista Street. The discount is available to all Legacy Passholders Monday through Thursday.

Amy Wenger, junior interior design major, shared her thoughts about the announcement.

“My first thought when I heard about the new legacy pass was that the Disney Company was trying to make up for the disappointment that they knew all passholders would have when their annual passes were canceled,” Wenger said. “A lot of us had hope that Disney would one day open up again and we could go running back to Disneyland with our annual passes.”

Accompanying the discount is an exciting new shop for “Star Wars” fans. The new store will be at the location previously held by The Rainforest Café. The store will offer exclusive merchandise previously only available inside the park at Disneyland’s “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” and other classic merchandise from fan’s favorite “Star Wars” films and shows.

In November, Disneyland officials announced the reopening of Buena Vista Street inside of Disney’s California Adventure. The expansion allowed guests to enter select parts of the beloved theme park, adding to the already opened Downtown Disney.

Tyler Doench, junior marketing major, also talked about his excitement for the new opening.

“I have gone to the parks a few times since the Legacy Pass came into play,” Doench said. “And I loved being back at the parks, even if it is just for dining and shopping. Plus, the discounts are nice, as well.”

As The Disneyland Resort pushes towards reopening parks in the future, they are taking steps to value loyal customers, who put them in a successful position.

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