Campus life from a photographer’s perspective

Camille Grochowski | Banner | The San Gabriel Mountain range is covered in snow during the early months of the year, and one can get a view of the snowy peaks from the CBU parking garage.
Camille Grochowski | CBU Banner Two CBU students and their dog make their way towards the south Colony entrance.
Camille Grochowski | CBU Banner In one of the courtyard in between the James building, a stairway leads up to the fourth floor along side an avocado tree.
Camille Grochowski | CBU Banner A unique view of the front lawn can be found on the fourth floor of the James building through one of the windows in the middle stairwell.Β 
Camille Grochowski | CBU Banner The Annie Gabriel Library is covered in vines that begin to turn green during spring. A majority of the desks on the second floor have a window near them that allow students to get different views of campus while they study.

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