Student prepares to release her debut single in April 2021

Photo courtesy of Kyylie Page | Kylie Page, senior commercial music major, will release her debut single, "Words Fell Flat" on April 16, 2021.

California Baptist University student Kylie Page is writing a new chapter in her life by adding singer-songwriter to her list of accomplishments. The local musician will be releasing her debut single titled “Words Fell Flat” on April 16.

The song deals with the aftermath of a previous relationship. Through the song, Page reflects on how the words that were once spoken now remain meaningless.

She shared the meaning of the song. 

“It’s about a personal experience of being lied to and having trust broken time and time again,” Page said.

The senior commercial music student has been writing songs since she was a young girl. She expanded on her background in music and what inspired her to continue writing music.

“Music has always been a huge part of my life,” Page said. “I started playing piano when I was 7 and writing songs since I was 6. That has just grown throughout the years. Especially in high school, I started writing a lot more. Using it as a way to be real and open with my feelings. It was a really good outlet for me to express how I felt.”

Writing has always been a part of the singer’s life and, because of that, she said she has a vast number of songs written. However, Page never thought releasing her own songs would ever be a possibility. She has realized over the last few years that she could turn her dreams into a reality.

“This could be more than just a cool idea or a dream,” Page said. “It can actually happen and I can actually release my songs.”

During COVID-19, music students have been able to use the recording studios provided by the Collinsworth School of Music at CBU. 

Page said she is grateful she has been given a space to craft her art with fellow students such as Frances Fitzgerald and Joey Lizama.

Fitzgerald had high praise for her fellow artist. 

“While working with her throughout the past two-plus years in our program, she has shown so much growth, from a vocal perspective and an artist perspective,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s so nice to see Kylie taking charge in her music-making and songwriting process. From beginning to now, she has evolved and should be proud of her growth.”

Page has plans to release an EP in the summer of 2021. She said the style of music will be a blend of R&B and indie, and she will tell a story throughout the entirety of the EP. Her single will be a piece of that story, using a stripped version of the song.

Page hopes listeners will hear the song and take away that they are not alone and in their situation.

“I think a lot of people think that if they are in love that it’s a good enough reason to stay with a person that they are with,” Page said. “I want people to see that maybe love is not enough to stay and they are not alone in that. They can get to the other side of gaining the strength to realize their own worth and to be able to move forward from that.”

Page’s debut single, “Words Fell Flat” will be available on April 16.

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