Ready, Set, Bed?

The Colony is looking to start new traditions on campus. They hosted a new community tradition; bed races. According to Aubrey Linder, one of the Resident Advisors who planned the event, the bed races was another event to “bring something new” to the campus. “Other schools like APU have these traditions, and we just wanted to build […]

Next-Gen Television

Clicking the power button on a television remote takes users to a whole new world. With high-definition graphics, surround sound and clarity in a realistic screen, characters seem only an arm’s reach away. Picture quality once reserved for the IMAX experience or realistic effects seen in 3-D movies are now commonplace in many U.S. homes. Television, or […]

Star Trek Exhibit? … make it so

Museums typically have exhibits that showcase a past society, prehistoric animals or even a collection of art. The Riverside Metropolitan Museum, instead, is presenting a futuristic, fictional society through the new Star Trek exhibition. Star Trek: The Exhibition is currently open until Feb. 28, 2011. Enette Morton, the museum director, states that the Star Trek […]

How-To: Barbecue

Long sunny days, pleasant weather and friends. These are the ingredients necessary for people to come together and enjoy a barbecue. California Baptist University students are preparing for their summer break and many of them will no doubt be attendees of at least one barbecue. Here are a few helpful hints to make this summer’s […]