New science fiction thriller ‘Looper’ recieves audience approval

Sci-fi fans rejoice: Original science fiction has returned to the big screen with the release of Rian Johnson’s time-travel film “Looper.” In a sea of recent sequels, trilogies, book adaptations and spin-offs, a completely unique science fiction movie is refreshing, and there have been few released since Christopher Nolan’s 2009 dream-heist film, “Inception.” “Looper” is […]

iPhoneography: New online products cater to the growing technology trend

Aspiring iPhone photographers now have more options at their fingertips than just Instagram or Hipstamatic. Websites such as Photojojo provide lenses, filters and more for smartphone owners to utilize in order to enhance their phone photography. While many people now use their iPhones as point-and-shoot cameras, few would replace their DSLRS with them due to […]