Sport injuries take toll on both mind, body of college athlete

By Christina Armstrong Sports Editor   After an impact to her head, Katie Rumfola, senior and kineseology major goalkeeper soccer team, experienced her life change physically, mentally and spiritually. The concussion Rumfola received last Sept. 27 caused a serious brain injury. She had to participate in neurotherapy over the summer and is currently undergoing physical […]

High school athletes find place on collegiate teams

The competitive nature as well as change in environment contributes to what is a notable transition from high school athletics into the National Collegiate American Association. Collegiate athletics require a higher level of commitment from an individual than what they have previously experienced in a high school setting. The talent pool in the NCAA is […]

Rick Croy takes head coach job after Collins’ retirement

Rick Croy was formally announced Tuesday as the new men’s head basketball coach at California Baptist University. The announcement was made during a press conference held to welcome Croy into the Lancer family. At the conference Croy answered questions from the media about what his plans are for the new season. Croy discussed how thankful […]