New features, location enhance intramurals

One ball, 10 players and the squeak of tennis shoes on the hardwood floor – all these are part of a game of intramural basketball at California Baptist University. Every year, CBU holds men’s and women’s intramural basketball leagues. This year, there are a few changes to the competition. In previous years, CBU’s intramural basketball […]

‘Birds’ collide with Star wars

“Angry Birds Star Wars” is the latest update to Rovio’s popular video game series. The game consists of the well-known Angry Birds seeking out their revenge against their arch-nemesis egg-stealing pigs. Players help the birds act out their revenge by launching them across the screen to destroy pigs and their pig-built fortresses. In this latest […]

Professor changed course to serve students

Dr. Scott B. Key, professor of philosophy, former campus minister and father of three, has a 24-year history with California Baptist University. Prior to coming to CBU, Key’s first step of his career was attending the University of New Mexico as a political science major. Key, like many others, has come to learn not everything goes as planned. Key’s plans changed when he took a philosophy class. […]