Becoming a citizen of United States is more difficult than it should be

Citizenship is a privilege many Americans are born with, but for those seeking to become naturalized in the United States, it often becomes a daunting task. The application process is not only extensive, but also costly. To file an application for naturalization it costs $595 with an additional biometric fee included of $85 for a […]

Holiday gift guide-something fun for everyone

As the holiday season approaches, the sounds of Christmas melodies have slowly permeated through radio stations, television commercials and individuals anxiously waiting for the “most wonderful time of the year.” Many students have shifted their focus from school-work to holiday shopping, as a way to alleviate some of their stress. With numerous options to choose […]

Pumpkins kill parasites

Pumpkins are not only used during Halloween to create creatures that come to life at night. They are also nutritious and promote a healthy lifestyle. “Pumpkin seeds help eliminate parasites, not only when taken with coconut water but also in their natural form,” said Ismael Garza, certified natural health professional. The seeds can also be […]