Photo illustration by Elijah Hickman | Banner | Daylight Saving Time ended on Nov. 7, when clocks fell back an hour.

Banner Busters: Is Daylight Saving necessary?

We all participated in the usual reversion to standard time on Nov. 7 after beginning Daylight Saving Time (DST) on March 14. DST has been controversial  since its beginning in the U.S. in March 1918. After Germany first used it in 1916 during World War I to save electricity, other nations including the U.S. began […]

Photo illustration by Camille Grochowski | Banner | Blue light glasses can help protect your eyes from the light emitted by electronic devices.

Banner Busters: Do blue light glasses save your eyes?

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many in-person activities into virtual settings, spurring new product trends. Blue light glasses became popular as screen time increased. These glasses are meant to block blue light, the type emitted by electronic devices, in order to lessen potential eye damage and strain from staring at screens. One of the […]

Courtesy of | Many fans are ecstatic about Taylor Swift’s rereleased album.

Swift releases own version of ‘Red,’ obtains full ownership

Taylor Swift has become one of the most popular artists of this generation since her debut in 2006. She released her new re-recorded album, “Red,” on Nov. 12, breaking the Spotify single-day streaming record within a day, a record previously held by Swift herself for “Folklore.” “Red” features Swift’s versions of original tracks on the […]