Personal trainer warns against replacing calories with man-made chemicals

Cutting calories might cut  chances of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle due to addictive artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes. As replacing calories with chemically manipulated sweeteners is worse for the body than the actual calories. “Many diet drinks and foods with low calories are unhealthy due to manipulated sweeteners,” said Christine Nunnally, junior health […]

Social skills could help combat unemployment

Unemployment has increased to 7.3 percent in 2013, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, employment is a concern for recent graduates. Mike Bishop, Career Center associate director, said he believes the high rate of unemployment for young adults is because of a deficiency in “soft” social skills, which consist of strong communication, adequate eye contact, leadership qualities and willingness to sacrifice for the company. “It […]

Odd combination found benficial to get rid of fat

Icy, cold temperatures and red, scorching chili peppers have little in common however, they both aid in one significant factor –burning fat. Recent studies conducted by Purdue University in Korea and Hokkaido University in Japan have shown that low temperatures and spicy foods increase activity in fat-burning cells, and as a result help maintain low fat levels in the body. Danielle Grate, physician assistant at Medical Arts in Reno, […]