[John Victory | Banner] Leslie Perry, graduate student in kinesiology, instructs followers how to use machines while Elad Gunya, graduate student in business administration, records the video for viewers to watch on Snapchat for the day.

Recreation Center debuts daily Snapchat workout videos

California Baptist University’s Recreation Center is always offering students a way to either maintain or improve their health, even going as far as utilizing social media apps like the popular Snapchat. “Workout of the Day” is something the Recreation Center has started this year in hopes of giving students that kickstart on their health journey […]

Pokémon G0 app offers players the good, the bad, the ugly

A popular game capitalizing on the use of augmented reality was released this past summer and caught the attention of people worldwide. Pokémon GO seeks to make a Pokémaster out of everyone. The game, developed by Niantic, Inc., requires people to use their cellphones to walk around and look for Pokémon so they can attempt to “catch them all” using the phone’s GPS.  The game is jam-packed with […]

International festival illuminates with color

HOLI Festival 2016 The International Center at California Baptist University, in conjunction with Community Life and the Associated Students of California Baptist University, hosted the annual Festival of Colors March 22. Those who attended the event were treated to food, events and giveaways. Events included students leading Bollywood-style dances, as well as professionals performing. ASCBU […]