Live election night results viewed at party

Students sporting political T-shirts and “I voted” stickers ate “donkephant” cake and filled the Copenbarger Presidential Dining Room Nov. 6 during the Department of History and Government’s third election night party. Joe DiGenova, junior pre-nursing major, voted in his first election and said he was excited about attending the event. “It’s a pretty crucial election,” […]

The Fray’s “Scars & Stories” more of the same

Loyal fans of piano rock band The Fray may have to wait longer for a different-sounding album, as “Scars & Stories” offers nothing different from their previous works. The Fray, made up of worship leaders from Denver, has enjoyed plenty of success in a short amount of time. Since their 2005 debut, they have received four Grammy award nominations, two Teen Choice award nominations and won three […]

The dream lives on

Every February, teachers in Canada and the United States teach students about key African American individuals who helped fuel the civil rights movement. Almost every student at California Baptist University received at least 12 years of education before attending college, but how many of them know how Black History Month began? Charles Smith, a history […]