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Entrepreneurship, business professor receives award for paper

Dr. Andrew Herrity, entrepreneurship program director and professor of entrepreneurship and business, was awarded best paper from the Christian Business Academy Review for his work on students’ values. Herrity studied 300 senior students, examining their core values and the reasons behind their values. Herrity found truthfulness was the top value for a majority of students, […]

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Alumnus’ business energizes performance

After graduating from California Baptist University, Alex Anunciation, entrepreneurship alumnus, has been growing his natural energy drink company, MatéBros, which is taking off in sales with the aid of his business partner, Sam Mikulak, a Team USA Olympic gymnast. Anunciation’s energy drink promotes an active lifestyle through boosting the immune system to keep athletes healthy […]

[Kathryn Goldsmith | Banner] Julian Carvajal, junior business administration major and creator of Elevate, snaps a photo of Lauren Mawhinney, junior business administration major, modeling Elevate apparel.

College business gives back

A California Baptist University business student has combined his love for business, art and philanthropy by creating the retail company, Elevate, which donates some of its profits to a mental health organization and orphanage in Uganda. Julian Carvajal, junior business administration major, started a company that is progressively picking up momentum as people learn how he […]

Fashion show spreads hope for survivors

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Downtown Riverside hosted an unforgettable night of showcasing fashion from local retailers to recognize breast cancer survivors. The Riverside Downtown Partnership worked with the Pink Ribbon Place and the Riverside Health Foundation Oct. 6 to host a free event for  the public. Visitors were able to view […]

[Kathryn Goldsmith | Banner] Students at California Baptist University learn to budget properly through apps such as Acorns, Mint and Goodbudget.

Apps aid college students’ budgets

Learning how to earn and save money to support themselves is a leap of independence all college students must take. While budgeting can be tedious, students have found the help they need through the use of budgeting applications or opting to create their own personal method. In order to hold themselves accountable, several California Baptist […]

[Jadie Chidley | Banner] The In-N-Out on Indiana Avenue is temporarily closed down for construction, which is aiming to create more efficiency with additional amenities such as more grills, boards and wider drive-thru lanes.

Popular burger joint closes doors for renovation

In-N-Out aims to improve drive-thru experience with remodel California Baptist University students are facing disappointment over the fact their late-night burger runs are farther than a two-minute car ride away since the beginning of the four-month long closure of the Indiana Avenue In-N-Out location. Although closing the branch elicits disappointment from customers and staff members […]

[Kathryn Goldsmith | Banner] Tessa Cannon, senior social entrepreneurship major said she shops at Earthbound and American Eagle Outfitters because of the positive treatment to its workers and the environment.

Millennials value ethics over cost

Awareness is spreading of large companies’ means of contracting cheap labor, and some consumers are demanding a more ethical impact on the environment and in workers’ lives. As a result, companies are prioritizing corporate social responsibility — their social, ethical and environmental impact — while entrepreneurs are designing their companies with a global purpose in […]