Inclement weather caused by rising water temperatures

Southern California has been experiencing record-breaking heat waves and an increase in rainstorms in recent months due to effects caused by El Niño, an irregularly occurring series of climate changes. “El Niño is characterized by a warming of the central and eastern tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures, commonly referred to as SSTs,” said Dr. Robert […]

Fall albums boast massive selection

Aside from the recurring Halloween music this October, students can look forward to new albums set to release throughout the month. Numerous students and music fans anticipate their favorite artist’s new releases, including Jonathan Logerstedt, junior graphic design major, who said he looks forward to Grimes’ new goth-electronic album. The artist plans to surprise her […]

Fall television premieres to bring superheroes, satire, more zombies

The summertime freedom of binge-watching Netflix and TV has ended, but the fall television season brings exciting TV premieres to usher in the new school year. Matt Garcia, junior exercise science major, watches television exclusively on Netflix with the exception of “The Walking Dead” premiering on AMC Oct. 11. Garcia said he enjoys the zombie […]