Be a good neighbor

It has been said that good fences make good neighbors. Fences, though, are not an option for on-campus residents, who wish to isolate themselves and gain total privacy. Fortunately, less privacy raises the possibility of meeting new people and establishing a neighborhood community. Living among neighbors has the potential to be a positive experience. Although […]

Battle of the fitness centers

In the midst of stress, sleepless nights and midnight munchies, it is important for college students to find a safe haven in which to run. Literally. Physical activity is an essential aspect in maintaining quality health. It increases blood flow, boosts metabolism, improves mood and helps the mind focus. In order to stay motivated, it […]

Art department unveils new home

California Baptist University’s Visual Arts program welcomed visitors to their open house. Visitors examined original artwork, asked questions and admired their new facility now located in the Rose Garden Village Chapel. During the opening ceremony on Sept. 21, Visual Arts Program Director, Professor Duncan Simcoe, compared the exciting growth of the CBU campus to a […]

In Style For the Aisle

A wedding is a traditional affair. While traditional aspects remain popular, wedding trends continue to emerge and give each year a distinct look. From gown sillouettes to color schemes, constant adjustments to wedding fashion give a modern twist to time-honored ideas. Floral details are a fresh trend for 2011. Perusing wedding boutiques, flipping through brial […]