Testing the Faith

Although spiritual life is the main premise at California Baptist University, there is always room for the student body to improve their walk with Christ. The Christian Challenge ministry, which has been a part of CBU for a couple years, is one way students can do that. Brian Zunigha, director of campus ministries, wants to […]

What’s Up Peeps?

Celebratory seasons are known for seasonal candy favorites. For the Easter season, Peeps are the center candy topic of conversation and reign as the one of the most popular candies of the month. Made out of dyed marshmallows shaped like chicks and bunnies and sprinkled with sugar, Peeps are thought of as a recent creation. […]

Healthy Expansion of Opportunity

The College of Allied Health has been open since August 2010 and it is expanding by adding the new Department of Health Sciences for the upcoming fall semester. Led by Chuck Sands, the founding dean of the college of allied health, the department hopes to open this fall with three new areas of study. “It’s […]

Building a new business

The School of Business shows signs of continuous expansion as it introduces its brand new Construction Management major. Headed by Assistant Professor Francois Jacobs, the program will begin in the fall. “It is here to help give the students a choice when they have a career in business,” Jacobs said. “There are a lot of […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

The midpoint in the semester is typically one of the most stressful times for college students. Students should remember the correlation of their attitude and physical health to their overall outlook and their performance in work, school and social life. “Endorphins are a chemical in our bodies that promote positive feelings,” assistant professor of psychology, […]