News Briefs Oct. 7, 2011

AFTERSHOCK PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION  The California Museum of Photography is taking a look at aftershocks. Three photographers from the 1970s with different views and subjects of their photos capture seismic shift. The museum’s website attempts to describe the photographs: “Brown’s color panoramas of a bankrupt, deserted luxury development on an artificial lake now drying up in […]

Students react to campus changes

The campus changed drastically over the summer. Change can cause uneasiness but most students reacted favorably. “We hope students will react in a positive way to the increased parking that they can use,” Brenda Flores, facilities & planning department administrator, said. “We understand that there is a lot of construction around the School of Business […]

News Briefs Sep. 9, 2011

COOL DOWN AT CASTLE PARK Buccaneer Cove is the newest attraction at Castle Park, a local fun center. The Cove features water cannons, umbrellas, rings and is replete with multiple fountains. This water playground includes five large and very colorful slides. Any student smaller than 36 inches will not be able to ride the slides […]

Running to new heights

The track season at California Baptist University began with a bang as two runners qualified for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Indoor Championships. Their achievements brought optimism to the team as they look ahead to the rest of the season. The first part of the track season consists of Indoor Championship qualifying meets and […]