Google Play

For years, those with an “Apple-tite” have satisfied their cravings with Apple Inc.’s iTunes media hub. It is a one-stop shop for iPod, iPhone and iPad users to obtain and organize all of their music, games, apps, videos and books. However, Google has recently introduced an online media hub that is looking to match, if […]

The beat goes on

You are almost finished with your three-mile run. Your body is fatigued, and you want to quit when suddenly Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” plays, and you somehow find the strength to finish. On a regular basis, particular songs give people performing cardiovascular tasks the motivation to finish them. According to Dr. Len Kravitz, researcher and […]

The dark side of the sun

Sunshine is usually correlated with happiness, beautiful beaches, picnics at the park and overall “perfect days.” What tends to diminish the happy thoughts is the irreversible damage frequent unprotected sun exposure causes to the body. According to, sun damage is caused by frequent exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays are undetectable radiation emitted […]

Credit Card Epidemic

They are shiny, plastic and they bring a smile to many faces. Credit cards have brought joy to the lives of college students and young adults. Unfortunately, the excessive use and abuse of credit cards plays a significant role in the economic downturn. According to a study conducted by Sallie Mae in 2009, only two […]

Half way there

Pencils down students! Midterms week is over. The semester is halfway complete. No more study guides, all-nighters and caffeine overloads. That is, until finals week. Now, we must have a miniature celebration in honor of the hard work we’ve done thus far. Here are some simple steps to successfully relieve stress after midterms week. Step […]