Celebrating diversity

American residents of Mexican, Central and South American, Spain and Caribbean decent celebrate their heritage during the next four weeks in honor of Hispanic Heritage month. This month, which began on Sept. 15 and ends Oct. 15, focuses on accomplishments made by American citizens of Hispanic roots. “Latinos are important in many aspects of society, […]

Class Gift – 2011

During spring break, the 2011 senior class gift was constructed. This year’s gift, the walkway from University Place apartments to the Village, was completed before the class graduated. There is another entrance opening from the Global Village. This was a major feat, as some gifts range in the length of time for completion depending on […]

Student loans: Friend or foe?

The economy hurts all people, including those who want to earn a degree. It is common to find an increasing rate of college students who borrow money to realize their dream and students at California Baptist University also follow the trend. Special projects coordinator in CBU’s Financial Aid office, Amy Gwilt, said that students need […]

Faculty Retreat Focuses on Diversity

Age, gender and race are common characteristics of diversity. At California Baptist University, faculty attended a retreat where they learned about student statistics and how to prepare meeting the needs of the diverse student population. The two-day retreat started Aug. 24 and included several tracks that strategically covered aspects of diversity as it related to […]

OPS, division expansion

First came eight tracks, then cassettes, CDs and now MP3s. The music stays the same but the medium changes. David Poole, vice president for Online and Professional Studies used this example to show California Baptist University undertaking for the OPS division which is under his leadership. OPS is a new division at CBU which provides […]

Financial Clearance Process Changes

Starting in the summer semester, the Student Accounts office will implement new policies regarding the financial clearance deadlines and other office procedures. Financial clearance, according to Student Accounts, is a status that indicates a student has completed payment arrangements through an ‘approved payment option’ to cover all tuition and fee charges for the semester. A […]

The science of borrowing

A new report released by the Pew Research Center found that more college students are accepting loans and in larger amounts. The study found that in 2008, 60 percent of graduates with Bachelor’s degrees borrowed more than in 1996, when only 52 percent of students took out loans. It also reported that among the 2008 […]