Colors, techniques to enhance eye color

The bathroom counter is scattered with cosmetic products — eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. Hair is pulled in frustration at the many failed attempts to create an eye-popping look. However, whether experienced or inexperienced, consumers begin the process by applying eye shadow. Alina G. Tamayo, sophomore theater major and makeup designer for California Baptist University’s […]

Personal trainer gives health advice on becoming vascular

Many California Baptist University students work out in hopes of increasing their vascularity. However, maintaining a healthy diet and consistent workout routine is not an easy task, especially for those who are unsure of what vascularity means. Dylan R. Sellars, International Sports Science association personal trainer and employee at LA Fitness in San Bernardino, said […]

Yahoo’s cyber-attack causes users to choose Google’s Gmail

Yahoo Inc. announced Jan. 30 that its customer’s email accounts were compromised in a recent cyber-attack. Yahoo claimed the attackers used credentials obtained from another company’s user database in an attempt to access the email accounts. In late January, Yahoo’s senior vice president Jay Rossiter said in a blog post that there had been no […]