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Note taking reinvented through new technology

It wasn’t until the early ‘80s that laptops became available to the public. From then hand-held, transportable technology has evolved to tablets, iPads and smartphones. This technological advance has impacted the way that both students and professors interact in and outside of the classroom. With so many different options, some students are taking advantage of […]

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Seniors create theatre company

Student-run, student-led and student-featured. A dream come true for Caleb Leal, senior theater major. Open Source Theatre Company debuted its first ever 10-minute play showcase, and with the help of 10 individuals the show had a great turnout. Leal, along with friend and colleague Sean Lewis, senior theater major and public relations coordinator of Open […]

Netflix puts large sum of new budget toward creating more original shows and movies

Netflix has been rated the best overall streaming service online for its “selection, quality and performance consistency,” according to Tom’s Guide, a technology rating website run by a team of writers, editors and technology experts. Netflix, which offers a large variety of both online streaming entertainment and physical DVD options, was founded by Reed Hastings […]