Serbian sisters take on collegiate volleyball

The National Football League has the Manning brothers, the Association of Tennis Professionals has the William sisters, Major League Baseball has the Molina brothers and California Baptist University has the Dragovic sisters. They are not twins and they do not regret leaving their beautiful home of Serbia. Standing 6’3” and 6’2” respectively, sisters Jelena and […]

Start of MLB postseason awakens rivalries

When you hear the word October: autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy may come to mind. For those sports fanatics, October is all about the Major League Baseball (MLB) postseason. This year the battle for the 2010 World Series championship title includes the Braves, Giants, Phillies, Rangers, Rays, Reds, Twins, and Yankees. The […]

New Women’s Program

Ladies and Gentlemen the time has come for the beginning of the California Baptist University women’s basketball season. The Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) season begins Nov. 30 at national-power Point Loma Nazarene University where the girls will finally be able to test the teamwork and dedication they have worked so hard for. Last year’s […]