Mind, Body and Soul

A clear complexion, luscious locks, strong nails and vitality are desirable traits. However, in the long run these physical attributes are not the only things that bring confidence and splendor. Without a healthy and active brain, the other traits are of little value. What if there was a way to improve your nervous system, while […]

Enjoy healthy food on a budget

Trader Joe’s is a well-known health food store that gained a large following in recent years. The casual Hawaiian theme found within the cedar- lined walls invites customers in and sets the tone for the organic and all-natural treasures within. Unlike its local grocery store competitors, Trader Joe’s has everything from fresh to frozen to […]

Simply Lovely

The phrase “beauty comes from within” is extremely well-known in our culture. It is practiced religiously in the Christian community. Though neglecting the exterior does not necessarily make the Christian holier, it may make skin healthier. But is rejecting makeup in exchange for beautiful skin the only solution? Hardly. Many natural brands of makeup exist […]