Courtesy of | Many fans are ecstatic about Taylor Swift’s rereleased album.

Swift releases own version of ‘Red,’ obtains full ownership

Taylor Swift has become one of the most popular artists of this generation since her debut in 2006. She released her new re-recorded album, “Red,” on Nov. 12, breaking the Spotify single-day streaming record within a day, a record previously held by Swift herself for “Folklore.” “Red” features Swift’s versions of original tracks on the […]

Photo illustration by Camille Grochowski | Banner | Apple has made contactless payment easier for smartphone users. Amazon One, a new service from Amazon and ticketing platforms AXS, will allow users to scan their handprint to access their account.

Amazon, AXS produce contactless ticket system

Amazon has partnered with AXS to create Amazon One, a contactless identity service that uses your palm to connect to an account. All customers have to do is create an Amazon One account and scan their handprint. Then, they can add credit cards and tickets to events, and link their Amazon accounts. Touchless technology is […]

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Artist highlight: Juniper Park performs at CBU

SoCal-based indie band Juniper Park performed for the first event of TWIRP week on Sept. 20, garnering new fans from the California Baptist University student body. The five-member band consists of Nolan Seeger as lead vocalist, Rylan Scott on bass, Elijah John on guitar, Oscar Flynt on drums and Chandler James on rhythm. Although Seeger, […]

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Christians should support the religion in Kanye West’s album

“You my Chick-fil-A,” was a common meme of a lyric from Kanye West’s 2019 effort, “JESUS IS KING.” While simultaneously clever and eye-rolling in its approach to the subject, Kanye West’s “JESUS IS KING” (and the subsequent Sunday Service Choir that spun off of that) is an overall genuine statement of faith from a wild […]